Popular Beliefs of Dessert

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Popular Beliefs of Dessert

Like any other food, desserts too have their misconceptions and popular beliefs. Cultures from all over the world have their own beliefs and these are some of the prominent ones that are highlighted.

1.White Sugar is replaced with brown sugar or honey for healthier purposes. As a matter of fact, sugar should be consumed in small amounts as the eventual state will be glucose which will enter the bloodstream and converted into energy for the cells in the body. It does not matter as to which type of sugar you use.

2.Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream. It is true to a certain extent, yogurt is lower in fat because of the usage of milk than of cream, however, fat-free or low-fat products may not necessarily be low in calories or even sugar. Overall, when watching for calorie intake, moderate portion sizes, you can go for yogurt or ice cream as long there is a moderation of not eating it daily.

3.Margarine over butter. The answer is difficult. The former is known to be beneficial because it is based on plant oil which contains unsaturated fats, margarine that is made of palm oil is the exception as half of its component can contain saturated fat. Choose margarine or even butter that is made of olive or sunflower oil as it is healthier as softer margarine or butter leads to lower trans fat content.